Introducing SCYE

SCYE are one of the first brands we asked to be a part of Wamano, and we’re really excited to be offering some of their amazing pieces to you …

but first, a little about the brand.

Scye, in pattern cutters terminology, is the traditional name for an armhole.

It’s both the inspiration and the expression of founders’ Hidaka and Miyahara fascination for interpreting English tailoring and Edwardian styling.

Pronounced ‘sai’, in Japanese it means Rhino.  Hence the logo, which exemplifies their strong identity.

Immersed in the design and tailoring world of Tokyo, combined with their innate desire to experiment with details and fabrics, the brand fuses modern construction with the importance of aesthetics and ergonomics to produce a unique collection of pieces – perfectly aligned with their sense of originality.

We’re loving their work.

And hope you do too !

Check them out.